Click here to read one person's experience in spin training, as reported in the February 2007 issue of the Atlantic Flyer.

2 axis Garmin GFC 500 autopilot and dual Garmin G5's installed March 2019

Citabria sold fall 2018

September 2017 Avionics upgraded to include ADSB out and in as required beginning year 2020

July 2017 Cessna 172 engine overhaul by Penn Yann engines

2016 First Annual Bonfire and Moxie Chug

Citabria engine overhaul by Penn Yann Engines, May 2012

January 2011, website redesigned.

June 2009, Major avionics upgrade.  Includes a large moving map GNS530 GPS, and traffic information service.  Handheld GPS with XM weather now panel mounted.

April 2009, First student fly-in Orange MA.

August 2008, handheld, moving map Garmin 496 GPS with XM weather, including radar, satellite, forecasts, and much more.

December 2007, Master Flight Instructor designation.

Summer of 2007, new terminal building, new office.

January 2004, flight school purchases a Champion aircraft, Citabria and offers Tailwheel Instruction.

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ORE fly-in 2009New avionics panel, including XM weather, and traffic information service. New Office, 2007, designed by Mary FioravantiNew Office, 2007Champion Citabria, 2004Tim, 1st solo, Champion Citabria
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We always have new students entering into our flight training program.  Some aspire to enter the USAF, and others a career in the airlines.  Still other students enter private pilot training (PPL) simply to become a pleasure flyer.   It is rewarding to me to watch a student pilot's progress.  What originally started for them as something to work towards, eventually evolves into a determination to do better and better.  Sometimes it becomes a friendly competition with another student, or sometimes just with themselves.  But the thing I am most proud of as a master instructor is the student finish rate.  Nationally, 30% of those who begin flying lessons actually finish. Here at the AD UP Aviation Flight School it is in the 90% range.  Every flight school is different and every person has their own reasons for discontinuing their flight training, or for the resolve to finish something they've started.
There I was, fog so thick I couldn't see the instruments.  Only way I knew I was inverted was my flying medals were in my eyes.  But I knew I was really in trouble when the tower called me and told me to climb and maintain field elevation.
What does Moxie taste like, you ask?  Some say it's like sucking on a dirty penny, and others compare it to cough medicine gone bad.  Some say it's bitter, some say it's sweet.  I say it's like a licorice and sasparilla combo.  You either love it or you hate it!