Normally any upgraded avionics package is a great improvement to an aircraft,  However the reception it was to receive from the students and private pilots (PPL) enrolled in the AD UP Aviation Flight School here at Barnes Airport was underestimated.  Not only is navigation made simpler with the help of a large moving map GPS seen here, but also the addition of XM weather providing the pilot with near real-time weather, including radar, satellite imagery, weather reports and forecasts, cloud tops, and much, much more.  It almost seemed like a gift from the heavens.  (well alright, the satellites). 
But let's not forget one of the greatest improvements to our Cessna 172 that has been added in recent years, and that is the addition of traffic information service, commonly called "tis."  This enables the pilot to "see" other aircraft up to 12 miles away on a display in the cockpit.  The altitude of the other aircraft above or below our aircraft is shown, along with their direction of flight, and whether they are climbing, descending, or in level flight.  This technology, previously found only in larger airline type aircraft, was installed in the summer of 2009.
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"The three most common sayings in aviation are:

"was that for us" 

"what'd he say"

"Oh S*#!". 

Since computers are now involved in flying a new one has been added. 

"what's it doing now?"
GeorgeFinal approach, fuel stop, Oswego, NYOn TopRainbowTom R.Brian F.Spirit of MoxieDigger 
1/1/ 96 - 10/10/10  
GrrrrrrOrange Fly-in 2009Orange Fly-in 2009Bryce soloAli H. Checkride.  Congrats Ali!Dad and I, Hampton, NHDad, Harland, Tmmy. 
Fathers Day.Trenton's 1st plane ride.Tom Guzowski, 1st solo and charter member of Moxie Chug Club.Tim, 1st solo with Geneva and Trenton.Don C., Moxie Chug for the new private pilotVince Iannoli, new private pilot getting ready for the Moxie Chug!Congratulations John Schutes JR, New Private PilotSpencer Roy, 1st solo.  We gave Spencer the 8oz. Moxie  can, seeing he is so young!Josh C getting ready for ride in CitabriaCentral High School ROTC 2014Traffic Information Service showing numerous aircraft in vicinityGeorge and Garry P.Central HS ROTC 2015 TC getting ready for 1st acro flightBen doin the Moxie Chug.  1st soloWhat was that?!Moxie the airport dog!Ben and George acro flightJoy T., congratulations new private pilot!!!Herb Barnes and Rich C new private pilot Geese.  Had to taxi up and down runway 3 times before scaring them away!Don't let this happen to you!TorontoBenny, new private pilot and GeorgeTC Geneva and Buttercup, 1985TC and TimmyPlymouth Duster and Buttercup, 1982Model A, N5PT Geneva, Katie, LindaVissiKristenPhoto op....3 persons who have owned the same aircraft at one time or anotherThe day after a tornado struck Conway, MA on February 25th 2017GaugeGaugie   :)Moxie Chug Bonfire 2018
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This used to be our page labeled "about us."  However this flight school would not exist without the dedicated students we have here.  As mentioned on the home page, AD UP Aviation does not pay for any advertising.  You are invited to browse through these photos and see for yourself the fun we are having here at AD UP Aviation, where learning to fly is about having fun, meeting new friends and making memories.  And remember, if you aren't having fun flying with master flight instructor George Munson we will change our approach (to borrow an aviation term) so that you will.   So be sure to revisit this page often, as there will be fresh content updated regularly.  (assuming we are still having fun)!

Tim Final Approach, 1st soloMarty U. Private PilotTom R. Private PilotGordon H. 1st soloORE fly-inAnnual Inspection and Hangar Party
Bill Ferguson, Rutland, VTJim Labrie, Jr.  G1000 aircraftSarah W.Mark K., Citabria 7KCABDave and Leslee BibeauBruce Douglass, new owner G1000 a/cLook Closely
When a student finishes his or her pilot training here at AD UP Aviation Flight School, many of the newly minted private pilots continue to rent our aircraft for pleasure flying.  Some pilots continue on and receive flight instruction in order to earn their instrument rating.  Still others move on and purchase their own aircraft, some with equipment similar to the aircraft in which they did their pilot training in, our beloved Cessna, N5PT. 
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