The aircraft we utilize is a Cessna 172, a 4 seat, high wing aircraft commonly used in flight training and seen at many airports across the country.  This aircraft has a long history in general aviation and a tremendous safety record.  In December of 1995 AOPA, (aircraft owners and pilots association) reported on the safety of the C172 and you may review the article here. (Please note that when you click on a link that takes you outside of this flight school website, your browser will open in another window).

This aircraft is one of the finest equipped training aircraft in the region including:
Garmin 530W (large moving map GPS)
Garmin 496 GPS with xm weather
King KMA 24 Audio Panel
Dual Navcoms
Mode S Transponder
Traffic Information Display
ADS B (links weather data to your Ipad)

Hear what our students have to say about this well equipped aircraft.

(David Clark headsets included in cost of rental at no extra charge.  It is these little extras you receive at our flight school that we will never charge for)

Next I would like to share some information with you about our flight schools American Champion aircraft which was aquired in 2004.  This model aircraft was used as a trainer prior to the introduction of the tri-cycle gear aircraft.  Tailwheel aircraft (meaning the third wheel is located at the back of the airplane instead of in front under the engine) are a throwback to the earlier days of aviation.  These aircraft, (sometimes referred to as taildraggers) possess different flight characterisitcs than modern day aircraft.  This is why student pilots at AD UP Aviation, training  towards their private pilot certificate, (PPL) receive approximately 2-3 hours of flight time in this aircraft.  The Citabria aircraft (airbatic spelled backwards) teaches a student pilot how to use their feet properly on the rudders, not only during flight but also during taxi to and from the parking spot to the runway.  (It is said that you are not done flying an airplane until you get it parked and tied down).  Taxi and fly this aircraft on a windy day and you will understand where this saying came from)!
Please e-mail for up to date prices and answers to any questions you may have.  Or call anytime at 413-562-5666.

(David Clark headsets included in cost of rental at no extra charge.  It is these little extras you receive at our flight school that we will never charge for)

For the licensed pilot, don't forget that time logged in this aircraft may make you eligible for the flight review required under FAR 61.56.   For the more adventurous, a few loops and rolls will be sure to make your day!  Or we can just go up and have some fun flying the way it used to be, low and slow. 

Flight instruction  available in your aircraft for the private pilot, instrument rating, or commercial pilot's certificate with Master Flight Instructor George Munson. 
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Things which do you
no good in aviation:

altitude above you
runway behind you
fuel in the truck
a navigator
half a second ago
approach plates in the car
the airspeed you don't have

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