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Be sure to read our testimonials page as we do not pay for advertising anywhere, not even on the web.  You won't even find us in your local yellow pages directory.  Word of mouth is our best and only advertisement.  And it has worked for 20 years!  Please tell your friends.
Congrats Ali H. new private pilotUse Your ChecklistBernie O.Congrats Ron C. new private pilotMark K. new a/c ownerJim Byrnes, new a/c owner, complex endorsement.  Doing the Moxie Chug.
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"Experience is the knowledge that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again"
We offer classroom instruction in a quiet , relaxed atmosphere.JamieMVY SunsetORE fly-in 2009Tom G. doin the Moxie chug
Here is a little known fact.  AD UP Flight School originally started as an aerial advertising business, towing banners through out Western MA and CT.  This is how it came to be known as AD UP Aviation ("ad"vertising "up" in the sky).
small business, big results

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There are some flight instructors where the student is important, and there are some instructors where the instructor is important.

Choose carefully.

AD UP Aviation is an FAA licensed Part 61 Flight School owned and operated by FAA certified Gold Seal,  Master Flight Instructor George Munson.  Our small flight school has been providing quality pilot training since 1996.  We primarily provide flying lessons for the private pilot license (PPL) and instrument ratings for airplane.  Additionally, for those who desire a commercial pilot’s license, instruction is provided for students who provide a complex airplane.  Flight reviews, tail wheel endorsements, spin training, unusual attitude recovery, and primary aerobatic instruction are also available in our American Champion Citabria aircraft. 

Whether you want to learn to fly for pleasure, or you desire a career in aviation, you have come to the right flight school.  Call and schedule your first flying lesson today!

Top 10 reasons you should learn to fly at our flight school:
Modern avionics.  Money earned is then re-invested in new    
          technology. (in other get what you pay for).
•        Flight school is owned and operated by experienced, FAA certified,
         Gold Seal,  Master Flight Instructor. The buck stops here 19 years running.
         Train with same instructor each lesson.   
Great airport, modern facility, GPS approaches, and crosswind runway.
We enjoy what we do.  If we enjoy it, you will too!
Popular Cessna 172 aircraft.  World’s most common airplane.
Train beyond the minimums.  Gain more confidence..
Our testimonials speak for themselves.
Control tower located on field.  Again, build confidence.
Aircraft have tanis engine heaters and are hangared.
18 years word of mouth, no advertising.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch. Zero.
        This keeps our rates competitive. 

Over the years other flight schools have come and gone. 

ADUP Aviation
Still here.
Since 1998
Update: Effective June 15, 2018 we are no longer taking primary students due to a reduced schedule aimed at retirement. Flight reviews, IPC's are still available.  Also, my beloved Citabria has been sold and is no longer available, again aimed at pending retirement.